What we deliver

This is a question frequently asked and a very important one as it’s essential to know before you book what the end product will be. Your wedding day is the ultimate expression of the love between you and to share that with all of your  family and friends is a once in a lifetime experience not just for you and your partner but for everyone.

We LOVE sharing all those amazing moments with you documenting them as they happen throughout the day in a natural way. The energy and emotion is like nothing else we’ve ever experienced from filming and it’s what makes us who we are… Infin8 Images

We often imagine you watching the film in years to come with your children and grandchildren… Yes we really think that far ahead to give us the motivation to capture everything for you so you don’t miss a single part of your big day but for now it’s about what we offer for you to watch in the present moment not long after your big day.

So here we share with you the final edits that you receive from us…

Cinematic Wedding Film

A 4-6 minute highlight style Wedding film fusing images, music and audio all edited  into the perfect blend to help you relive your big day.  Ideal to watch over and over and share it with friends and family online. This is our signature film and allows us to really get creative with the style. We spend a lot of time crafting these films and really aim for the WOW factor so when you watch them you can’t help but laugh, smile, cry and be on the edge of our seat wanting more when the final credits roll

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Documentary film

The whole wedding day edited in chronological order roughly 30-35 minutes in length.  We include the best bits from ceremony & speeches to really help tell the story of your wedding day in a cinematic way. Like the cinematic highlight edit we fuse the music and audio keeping you excited for more all the way through. Ideal to watch with just the two of you or why not have a Wedding film party and watch with friends and family.

Creative trailers

It can be fun, quirky, energetic & emotional. These short trailers are a great way to get a “happy” boost from your big day. They are usually a min long as we like to share them across social media such as Instagram. It’s a great way to share a snippet from your day with friends & family.

Let us know if you need more details about this fun add on.

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Full Ceremony & Speeches

We give you the full ceremony & speeches with guest reactions as standard for any package.

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