A 4-6 minute Wedding highlight film.

Fusing images, music and audio all edited into the perfect blend to help you relive your wedding day. Ideal to share with friends and family on social media.

This is our signature film and allows us to really get creative with the style.

We spend a lot of time crafting these Wedding films and really aim for the WOW factor. So when you watch them you can’t help but laugh, smile, cry and be on the edge of your seat wanting more when the final credits roll…

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Megan & Duane, 4th May 2019

Mr & Mrs Lineker

Tied the knot at their beautiful home here in Ibiza. 
With a guest list full of amazing people from all around the world and the sun shining, it was the perfect day for a very unique and stunningly beautiful wedding. 

Megan & Duane’s little girl Myla looked beautiful in her little dress and nearly stole the show but Megan really looked incredible in her @pallascouture dress.

The dream team!

We had the pleasure of filming for Megan and Duane alongside a world class team including @tali__photography bringing her amazing energy and no doubt creating some magic with the pictures to Lisa from @islaandsmithbespokeweddings planning the wedding with Megan. With her eye for detail it was always going to look incredible and it certainly did. .

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Yumi & Matt, MYKONOS

23rd August 2019

Wow Wow Wow what a Wedding, what an island and what an experience we had filming for Yumi & Matt in such an incredible place known as Mykonos. It’s windy that’s for sure but is next level awesome and we loved it. .
The pre drinks at @180mykonos were awesome and the wedding day at @hippiefishofficial were just incredible.

So many moments to capture...

            A Destination Wedding in Mykonos!

So much laughter, fun and real moments from real people being themselves just having the time of their lives with the best people in an awesome place.
We love what we do and this is why.

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Manon & Adrien, Las Cicadas

Vogue meets The Great Gatsby

This Ibiza wedding had so many beautiful moments. From getting ready to the final dance with an abundance of flare and style, it was truly one of a kind wedding that we loved filming. 

Working alongside @tali__photography was a great experience. 

Viva la France!​

The French really know how to have a wedding. From confetti canons leaving the church to Samba Dancers, Spanish guitar and the Musical mermaids, this wedding had it all.

Ibiza cloud 9 did a great job with the planning of this Ibiza Wedding and the Wedding film was one of our favourites we´ve ever created.

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Kimi & Richard, Malaga

July 7th 2019

                   A Destination wedding in Malaga!

The Jewish weddings are always so much fun to film as there’s a lot of dancing as you’ll see from watching the videos but this was definitely up there with the best we’ve ever filmed.

             The energy from everyone was incredible.

The venue was beautiful

The weather was perfect and both Kimi & Richard were an awesome couple who made us feel like we were part of the wedding itself.
It’s an Honour to film such a special day in the lives of any couple but there’s a lot of pressure also as there’s no 2nd takes when you say… I DO!

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Kirsty & Chris, Atzaro

22nd September 2019

A Stylish Ibiza Wedding at the wonderful  Atzaro

From the moment we first met in a little cafe somewhere north in Ibiza it was clear that Kirsty & Chris were perfect for each other and also that the wedding was going to be one hell of a party. . .

Fast forward to the Wedding day and we find ourselves in the hotel room with Kirsty and all her bridal party having the time of their lives. Laughing non stop!

Chris arrived in high spirits with his uplifting positive energy. He just gets you in the mood for a good time.

The most perfect day

The scene was set with Chris waiting at the end of the isle while the bridesmaids entered followed by Kirsty looking stunning in her @rikidalal_official dress. The sun was shining, the guests were all looking on in anticipation as Sunny conducted the ceremony. As he pronounced them husband and wife, a huge roar went up as the guests cheered.It was time to have fun, share good moments with family & friends and party late into the night. With awesome speeches, happy smiley people and a wedding planned to perfection by @ruthalexanderweddings it had all the ingredients for the most EPIC of day´s and that it truly was.

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Cherelle & Jamie, Villa Alexia

18th September 2019

We first met the summer before for sunset drinks which turned into Jamie playing a live sunset DJ session on my balcony streaming to his friends back in the UK. Client meetings don’t usually happen this way but I’m a big lover of house music and he’s an amazing DJ so this is how the relationship with Cherelle & Jamie began.

Fast forward a summer and here we are on their wedding day with the energy high and a real upbeat buzz that made things feel extra special. It was an absolute blast of fun times, happy faces, tears of emotion and a deep love not just between the couple but between all of the guests from family & friends to Cherelle & Jamie.

Singing and cheering to the music, everyone loved it and the final song, one of their favourites was a moment to cherish as all of the wedding party sang along together to the song ‘Finally’ by kings of tomorrow.

What a moment, what a wedding and what a couple these two are.


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Brendan & Steph, Villa Salomun

A beautiful love story

What happens when you meet the right person at the perfect moment and decide to leave Australia and head off to Europe on a 3 month trip…
Well… 13 years later and a whole load of fun from Burning man Festivals, ski trips, weekend trips around Europe, all with the person that makes you the best version of yourself.

At the stunning Villa Salomun

From first meeting Brendan & Steph you could see the chemistry between them but also just how much they love life and how everyone they meet end up being best friends in the time you’ve had a coffee. .
It’s what makes them unique not only as individuals but as a couple that will no doubt live there best lives together. ..
Planner @ruthalexanderweddings

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Claudia & Ivan, Formentera

A wedding in Formentera

As the morning sun hits Ibiza town we prepare to set sail for the island of formentera where we have the wedding of Ivan & Claudia at the stunning @10punto7formentera .

At this time of the day, the boats start to leave Ibiza so we have time to capture some B roll for the film before we jump aboard.

As we approach Formentera we feel the magic of the island mixed with the ocean air and sun kissed palm trees we find ourselves in another paradise island.

The couple are both Italian so it’s going to be a little different to normal and the feeling of love will be felt all around. The emotions are clear to see from the love to the laughter in the air making the atmosphere feel magic.
The prep was beautiful with both Claudia and Ivan reading they’re vows to us which we’ve used in the film as the narrative to the story with the beautiful visuals over the top.
The venue was perfectly placed on a beautiful beach with the ocean as the backdrop and so the story of the day unfolds as Claudia enters for the ceremony, Ivan watches on and the guests cheer. It’s the perfect moment for the perfect couple and as they both say ‘ I DO, they are pronounced husband and wife and they celebrate long into the night.
It was a heartfelt wedding with amazing moments all day long and were grateful that we were there to share it with you.

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Paul & Jess, Villa Salomon

Jessica & Paul

Now this was a WEDDING! We always have so much fun filming Jewish weddings with all the dancing involved throughout the day, it’s an incredible experience and we’ve filmed many since 2015 but this one was up there with the best.

The magical EsVedra backdrop

With an abundance of class from the dress that Jessica wore to the decor and styling of the wedding by Kerry from Ibiza wedding to a world renowned DJ Producer by the name of Claptone rocking the dance floor. It had everything we needed to make a blockbuster of a film.

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Sheena & Doorly

Ibiza style Rock Star couple !

Filming weddings for 5 years in Ibiza and I have to say, Sheena & Doorly’s wedding was the most Ibiza style wedding I’ve filmed. It reminded me of why I fell in love with the island way back in 2004.


What a wedding! A heart felt love celebration between two of the most quirkiest couple we know. Truly amazing !

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Sarah & Ben, Villa Blu Star

Love always wins!

Sarahs and Ben’s story is a true testament that love conquers all. LOVE brought them together from different sides of the world and created a magical two day wedding here in Ibiza which is one of their favourite places to be.


We were amazed by every little detail that was put into creating this wedding. From flower details, ornaments and a beautiful setting with a sunset light to die for.

We are so grateful and very happy to have been a part of Sarah and Ben’s special day. These beautiful memories will last a lifetime.

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Stephen & Sarah, Ses Savines

The Stylists

I’ve known Stephen the groom since my uni day’s from playing football way back around 2006 and we always kept in touch from time to time. 

From helping him plan the proposal on a boat here in Ibiza to filming the wedding, we had a blast.

A Beach wedding!

The beautiful beachside venue of Ses Savines was perfect.  The ocean was calm, the sun was shining and the guests were in high spirits for this very stylish occasion. 

There such a sweet couple and made the whole experience extra special with there happy smiles, it was incredible to see the love between them. 

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Dan & Kate, Atzaro

Magic in Wonderland!

I love Dan & Kate a lot and known them for many years. We even spent xmas together in 2017 so when they asked me to film their big day I couldn’t say no. I was also a guest so I actually had a seat at one of the dinner tables which was nice.

They love a good time!

The wedding was amazing, full of love, laughter and good times all round from the prep through to the party on the night, with an awesome band, Parris on the decks. It was an all round fantastic occasion with so many amazing memories captured. We’ll sit down in years to come and relive the day together over a glass of wine I’m sure.

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Shijia & Terence at Hacienda Na Xamena & Experimental beach

Shijia & Terence

This wedding was very different to our normal style of wedding. From the getting ready shots filmed in the stylish Sir Joan hotel to the ceremony held at The Hacienda in the north of the island and it’s breathtaking views, it was magical from the start.

Straight from the NYC!

Fast forward to the evening and we find ourselves at the stunning Experimental beach in time for sunset and the night celebrations.

From fire shows, photo booths to some serious dance moves, they really knew how to throw a party and keep the sophistication at the same time. Pure MAGIC!

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Cara & Kyle, CAN GALL

July 25th 2018

From the moment we met at Can Gall I could feel the love between this beautiful couple and they were both so sweet. 

Fast forward to the wedding day and WOW it had so many amazing moments all day long.

True Soulmates!

I will always remember the amazing light we had this day that made everything look amazing but it was also down to the amazing guests they had who were all so happy which you can see throughout the film.

It’s definitely one of the stand out weddings of 2018.

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Chris & Bee, Paissa d'en Bernat​

A fairytale love story !

Chris & Bee were so lovely and with there little girl they make the most amazing family.

Chris met Bee during a time when he’d lost faith in life due to certain circumstances and Bee was the beacon of light he’d been searching for. 

Fairytales do happen!

Through the heartfelt and very emotional speech he made you can see how much love there is between them and also amongst the whole group of guests attending.

It was an honour to film such a true love story. Magic really does exist.

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The Brackens, Ravello Amalfi coast

Megan & Stephan

The Brackens got married in the most idyllic of settings, the Amalfi coast in a small town called Ravello. An intimate wedding full of Love & Laughter. 

A Once in a Lifetime!

I’ve known Ste the Groom since 2004 since meeting in Ibiza and we’ve been best friends ever since so to film his and Megan’s wedding was a real honour for me. 

Matt & Lacey, OK magazine

2nd June 2017,

“When I first heard I might have the opportunity to film this wedding I thought to myself there’s no way they’ll choose me but just a few days after speaking with the wedding planner about it I heard back that they wanted me to film for them”

"I was blown away as I once watched Lacey who play’s Stacey in Eastenders years ago"

Featured in OK magazine with many of Eastenders cast attending. It was a very glamorous wedding set in the north of Ibiza in a private villa. I had a great connection with both Matt & Lacey who were both so sweet. The getting ready shots and the day really were a reflection of them and how awesome they both are.

It was an overwhelming experience looking around and seeing famous faces like Barbara Windsor, an absolute legend in the UK from being on TV all her life. The whole day was just magical and a highlight in my career even to this day.

The energy was incredible, the love between everyone and the band, wow they were next level.

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Michaela & David Hotel Xeraca Ibiza

True Soulmates!

Michaela & David’s story is a one of a kind that you find in fairytales not real life. They met way back at school and Michaela said in her speech that the first moment she saw David she knew that he was the one. Fast forward many years later and that feeling was very much truth. They are an inspiring couple with so much love between them. 

From the way they look at one another you can see their love is deep rooted and still has that childlike butterfly feeling you get when you’re first with someone.

The wedding itself was out of this world in a stunning location, a stylish crowd and lots of dancing which we love. The Jewish weddings are always the most fun!

Holly & Joe,

" Love like no other "

From the moment we first had our Skype call I knew it was going to be an incredible wedding full of love & laughter. 

Both amazing individuals but as a couple… WOW! They really have something special between them. A child like love which is very rare.

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Joanna & Tom

"a film about true love"


Joanna is a movie producer having worked on some major Hollywood films so it was an honour to be chosen to film such an important day in there life together. 

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Craig & Lucy, Amante

22nd September 2017... Wow what a wedding this was with Shola Ama making a come back, flying over to Ibiza to sing for them, it was incredible.

Amante is such a stunning location and with Craig getting ready at Destinos we had the perfect settings to create some magic. The day was full of energy and so much fun to film.

Paul & Aelish

Atzaro, 11th June 2017

 When we first met at Aquas de Ibiza in the hotel lobby I was greeted by there little boy Ace, who was a bundle of joy. With having my own little boy we instantly had a great connection.  Aelish is a beautiful soul and a great Mum and Paul such a gentleman. It was no surprise that the wedding was a true reflection of them both, full of laughter, love, the odd tear from Paul during bis speech but real emotion is what we love and this wedding had plenty of it.


Laura & Dan, Elixir

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Such love for this stunning couple!

With Laura being a fellow northerner, we instantly had some northern banter laughing about the northeast accent. We both love being from the north and I’ll always remember her & her family for making me feel so welcome.

The wedding was a real stand out Elixir wedding with Lovely Laura ending the day on a high but every little detail all day long just made this an incredible experience.

Tim & Nina, villa Sarahmuk

Now this was a one off unique wedding starting off with the guy’s having breakfast at Hostal la Torre and then onto Villa Sarahmuk for the wedding. The decor was incredible, all the details from dream catchers to the table settings were top notch.

And the entertainment was next level with the Ibiza house orchestra bringing the party, fire dancers bringing the heat and the guests cooling off jumping in the pool at the end of the night.

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