Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach at filming a wedding?

The most important thing for us is to capture the true essence of your wedding day in the most natural way. We LOVE real emotion.  The only way we can capture all the love, laughter, tears and everything else is by letting the day just happen and by capturing the moment in the background. You’ll know were there but we don’t like to dictate. There’ll be brief moments where we prompt certain scenarios like popping the champagne, giving out gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen or the first look with your Dad but we only ever create the scene and let it happen naturally.


What will be the length of the wedding film in the end?

Every wedding is different so it’s hard to give exact times for what the film length will be but on average the long edit is around 30 minutes long. Our aim is to tell the story of your day mixing the best bits of audio from the ceremony, speeches and real moments along with music. You get to choose a few songs and we add the rest.

We also give you the highlights edit usually around 3-5 minutes long.


 How will you present yourself on the day?

It’s Ibiza and most often it’s going to be warm on your big day so we dress to fit in but also to feel comfortable filming for the whole day. Smart/casual but we always look like we’re there to film a wedding.

 What is your turn around time?

We love what we do, it’s the best job we could ever imagine having. Sharing in the joy of your big day, filled with love and laughter and real life moments that are non scripted means it’s different every time and your story is unique so the film should reflect that. We focus on quality and keep in mind that the film we create will stay in your family forever so it has to be perfect. Every little detail!

With videography, there is a lot of post production that has to be done. This includes finding the BEST shots, editing and creating the story, color correcting and grading, followed by coffee, more editing, re-cuts, minor adjustments, even more coffee or red wine if it’s after sunset, more editing, and then the last final touches and critiquing. We go over and over things a million times. 3-6 months is the general time frame we give but we can’t give exact times so please be patient.

We’re 100% confident that you’ll love the film you receive

Do you travel and does it cost extra?

We love to travel! We’ve currently filmed weddings in the Amalfi coast, Malta, London not to mention Ibiza of course. So we’re very happy to travel.

How much is your deposit?

We require a €300 deposit to secure your date and the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding.

We love you and are ready to book, what do we do?

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on securing your date, just contact us! We can go over any details and once we get you set up with exactly what you want, I’ll send over a digital contract for you to look over and sign. Once I receive your deposit, the date is yours. It’s as simple as that!

Can we meet you?

We love to meet you before the wedding and have a chat about the big day. Sometimes we get the opportunity to do this the year before but if not then we make a point of coming to see you in the days leading up to the wedding here in Ibiza to run through everything with you and just get to know each other so on the big day, we’re more like friends.


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