The Journey

Welcome to Infin8 Images!

The journey…

It all started with buying my first camera back in 2009. Back then I knew nothing about photography or filming and my background was sport so I had to learn everything from scratch but that´s where the passion came in. I taught myself everything as I went along. It was an amazing journey that started as a hobby, something I just loved doing and was constantly drawn to. All my free time was spent with a camera in hand or learning to edit, I couldn´t stop.

Buying that camera which I nearly didn´t do lead me to want to travel to take pictures of places and people i´d never been before and this is ultimately where the lessons were learnt.

As I travelled the world I soon learnt what made me happy…

Making videos!

Capturing real life moments and watching them come together in the edit, feeling the buzz of creating something that could potentially evoke emotion in people was the thing i´d been searching for.

From that moment all I ever wanted to do was film and create without ever thinking about it becoming a career. I´d get lost for hours in the process and I thought to myself wow this is incredible. But the thought of doing this full time was just a dream at that point and something that society had me believing would only ever be a dream.

The reality of normal everyday life although nice enough, just seemed like that was all it was ever going to be. I didn´t ever imagine filming in Ibiza at that point in my life or living here full time at all.

I guess the change happened when I moved to Ibiza in 2013 for the birth of my son Noah who is the real driving force behind what I do now. Having him with me is all the motivation I need, he´s incredible.

Fast forward a few months to the summer of 2014 and I began filming various events including weddings and from the first moment I was hooked. With all the emotion on the day, meeting new people and hearing the story of how they got together and why they´ve chosen Ibiza really makes it feel personal. The connection to each couple and there story makes it the perfect event to film, I just love it. And the reaction once they´ve watched it makes me so happy, I feel like i´m in a bubble.

The magic of Ibiza really helps. The powerful energy of Es Vedra which is the 3rd strongest magnetic field on the planet mixed with the emotion of a wedding create the perfect scenario for creativity.

Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest day of your lives together as a couple and it´s your story, i´m just there to help you tell it and give you the memories that you deserve to have from such a special day.

It´s a priceless gift for us both!



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