Meet The Team


Hey Guy’s 
I’m Garry, a Wedding videographer and the founder of Infin8 Images. 
I LOVE filming weddings here in Ibiza and all around the world. IBIZA weddings are incredible but it´s great to film in different places to keep the creativity flowing.
I love coffee first thing in the morning as the sun rises and a good morning run next to the ocean. It makes me feel alive.  A nice glass of red wine in the evening, a good sunset and good conversation. 
Camera in hand is when I’m at my happiest. It’s just something I’ve always been drawn to. I could have a million things going through my mind but as soon as the camera comes out I just have one thing on my mind... To FILM!
It’s my drug of choice, the meditation without having to sit quiet, it just happens naturally.
Fan of great movies, live music, west end musicals, and all things travel related. 
I have a vision board around me all the time where I work with the future printed out so I know what I’m working towards… I want to travel the world, camera in hand documenting the journey.
Thing´s i´d love to do along the way would be  Kite surfing, Snow boarding, motorbike riding, cliff jumping, yoga stretching and beach front running.
And filming Amazing weddings as I go from Ibiza to the Amalfi coast, South of France, Bali, Cuba and many more capturing moments that become memories relived in the films I produce.
That’s what makes me tick, gets me excited and what drives Infin8 Images to do what we do…
It’s a way of life, not just a job and the one thing that resonates with who I am and what I love doing very single day.
Focus on what you love and before you know it, your life will become what you dreamt about years ago…


Hello friends,

I’m Bianca or B for short, one half of the Infin8 Images team, a passionate videographer now living in Ibiza.  

Fan of music, travel, and all kinds of art. I love keeping a healthy & balanced lifestyle… you know ?!?   “healthy body, healthy mind” we all believe in it, it’s great and it really does help.

Romanian born, but I like to think I’m from everywhere. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many cultures at the age of 27 and feel like a piece of me belongs in every single country that I have visited especially this little White Island called IBIZA, after 6 summer seasons of filming I finally decided it was time to call this my “safe” place.

I love my “job”  .Every time I edit, I have the opportunity to bring the past to life again. It’s exciting yet challenging at times but I love that about it, we all need to be challenged. I love filming weddings and finding out each couples love story… 

Passionate learner ! Loves: details, real life emotions, morning coffee, traveling, being organised, nature, golden hour, natural lighting, adventure, music, hugs, & laughing with that special person.  I also LOVE this  feeling I get when I film is like finding your happy place and never having to leave.




Hello people,  
I’m Matt, a wedding videographer with the Infin8 team. Living on the little Balearic island Ibiza.
I love nature & the outdoors, being surrounded by the ocean with my fiance, friends and our Labrador “Sooty” is something I treasure. 
Traveling has always been a big part of my life. Each country has its own character and hidden gems, which I love to explore and discover.
I’m an easy going, relaxed and determined guy, that’s what people tell me. Haha
I’m always pushing myself to learn new things & to experience everything life has to offer me.
I never thought I would be a film maker, not in a million years. I started experimenting with it in 2013 when I set off traveling around the world. 
In 2018 I crossed paths with Garry & Bianca, a meeting that would change my career path forever.
Filming for me is one of those pinch yourself moments every time I pick up the camera! I can’t believe that this is my job and I  love doing it.
I’ve  always been driven to learn each day and always look to improve on every aspect of filming with the industry always developing. 
I love the excitement of filming. Being discreet, calm and capturing the raw emotion of the day, bringing all the wedding day back to life in post production and to deliver memories that last forever for me is a dream. Knowing that people can watch back for many years to come, hearing their voices, singing their favourite songs, reflecting on their special day.
This is why we film, why we put so much effort into every detail.
The magic of Ibiza really helps. The powerful energy of Es Vedra, the 3rd strongest magnetic field on the planet mixed with the emotion of a wedding day, create the perfect scenario for creativity. And Ibiza is just so beautiful. It’s easy to see why so many people fall in Love here or fall in Love with the island and choose to marry here.
Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest day of your lives together as a couple and it´s your story, i´m just there to help you tell it and give you the memories that you deserve to have from such a special day.
It´s a priceless gift for us both!  

"We do not remember days, we remember moments"

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